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Evobeam CELL 

Fully automated system with pre- and post-weld functions

CELL by Evobeam: fully automated with pre- and post-welding functions

Features upon request (excerpt):

  • Automated identification of workpieces and applying of item-specific weld programs
  • Loading station with input buffer and identification of single part
  • NC rotary indexing table and mixed mode (automated/manual) for diverse parts
  • Plasma cleaning of radial welding surfaces
  • Electromechanic pressing station with piezo force control
  • Infeed of assembly group into work chamber, clamping and alignment
  • Unloading, brushing
  • Inspection and scrap parts separation
  • Finished part buffer

Laser Beam:

  • Beam power range: up to 15 kW Fiber Laser
  • Optics protected against metal vapor and thermal radiation
  • Variable focusing system
  • Aluminum vacuum process chamber


    Optimized productivity due to:

    • Rapid pump-down
    • Fast adaptation to changes of part type or batch sizes

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