Systems & Services for EB Welding, Laser in Vacuum Welding & Additive Manufacturing in Vacuum


Diffusion Bonding Additive Manufacturing


  • Compact design with water cooled vacuum work chamber available in different sizes
  • For TiAl, refractory metals and super-alloys
  • Dry vacuum up to ≤ 1 x 10-5 mbar
  • Resistive heating ≤ 1500°C
  • Controllable column press force
  • Thermal camera
  • Top loading drawer


  • Enables complex internal hollow structurs such as cooling channels in molds and dyes
  • Layerwise bonding of conventionally unweldable metals or metal ceramic sandwiches
  • Minimized cool down time due to water cooled chamber walls and additional ventilator significantly reduces overall processing time

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